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In the past few years there has been much to enjoy in the later work of Australian songwriters such as Russell Morris, Glenn Cardier and Joe Camilleri. With Banjo’s Last Ride, Tyson delivers an album of powerful, passionate songcraft that is just as worthy of your time.” - Noel Mengel

— Loudmouth Magazine

Steve has fashioned a fine, entrancing, delightful album of superb songs. Another masterpiece from a master songwriter” - Ian Dearden

— Trad & Now

.... the songs are small stories set in red dust and salt air...most of them paint pictures of uniquely Australian life” - Sam Fell


Banjo's Last Ride

Steve Tyson

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This week, we release the fourth single from 'Banjo's Last Ride'. This is a very important song for me. 

As you know, I have travelled the world finding stories to turn into songs. To date, I have released four albums with tales from Ireland to India, England to Estonia, France to Vietnam, and plenty of places in between. 

But it was only a few years ago that I spent some time in my own backyard and visited Tasmania for the first time. Familiar with the island’s dark history centred upon the atrocious treatment of our First Nations people, I was staggered to come across the little-known fact that Australia had its very own slave trade, in Van Diemen’s Land, every bit as horrific as that which has occurred throughout the centuries in other parts of the world. 

In the early 19th century, the islands of Bass Strait were inhabited by sealers, tough, uneducated men, mainly ex-convicts. Driven by lust and a dwindling seal population, the sealers took to raiding the northern regions of Tasmania, killing Aboriginal men and stealing the women and female children from the northern tribes. So began a slave trade in every sense of the term, as the sealers exploited and abused these women, swapping them for goods amongst themselves. 

When emancipation finally occurred later that century, most of the female population of the northern tribes had been decimated. A shameful episode in Australia’s short history. 

The enslaved were called ‘Tyereelore’, which means ‘island women’. These shocking events inspired me to write this song dedicated to them. All of the characters named in the song are real. This is their story.

ALBUM OF THE WEEK  21-04-2022

'Banjo's Last Ride' is Album of the Week on Blues & Roots Radio, the global internet station out of Canada, all this week from today. This is a mighty radio station, totally dedicated to the music we love, so we are  well chuffed to have the featured record for the next seven days. Check it out here....




Seems we can't take a trick lately. The 'Banjo's Last Ride' tour kicked off in great fashion with some mighty shows in Byron Bay and South East Queensland. We were then set to head south to play Sydney, Canberra, and the NSW South Coast, when the devastating floods hit the NSW Northern Rivers and Brisbane. I was stranded for a few days, Jodi was cut off, and Sal copped water through his house. Then the  highways south were cut and we couldn't get through anyway. On top of that, even if we had made it to Sydney, the bad weather smashed the NSW capital and surrounds, so it wouldn't have been a great weekend for punters to get to a gig!

As shattered as we were, we were all safe and well, unlike so many people who lost their homes. I was at least able to spend a few days helping friends with the clean up.

We were able to head west last week, into outback Queensland, and play a handful of shows to communities that have been starved of live music for a couple of years. We plan to reschedule the southern dates, so will let you know about that as soon as possible. Victoria will come later in the year.

Reaction to 'Banjo's Last Ride' continues to blow us away. Thank you to everyone who has bought a CD or downloaded tracks...

Hope to see you soon, back on the road! Best, Steve