REVIEWS FOR ‘Wrong Train Right Station’ 

“The tracks on this third solo set reveal a master song craftsman with a nuanced lyrical touch and strong melodies. There is always plenty of grit in the musical delivery here. Nothing is over-polished, but these are songs that are built to last” (Noel Mengel, former Chief Music Writer, Courier Mail, Loudmouth Mag)

"..this album is a tour de force.....full of aural and lyrical twists, turns and delights, from one of Australia's leading contemporary songwriters.” (Ian Dearden, Trad & Now Magazine) 

“Steve Tyson once again delivers a compelling selection of distinctly Australian storytelling.” (Kim Cheshire, Country Update) 

“For the most part, Tyson lets his ruined voice and lucid guitars do the talking”  (Phil Stafford, Courier Mail) 

“...telling tales of home and family, of travel and politics, wrapped in a dark sense of humour that sets him apart from the myriad others plying a similar trade” (Sam Fell, Rhythms) 

“In Tyson’s follow-up to his auspicious debut album, family history again proves a rich source of inspiration, with his smoky singing and skilful guitar…” (Tony Hillier, Weekend Australian)

Review of WRONG TRAIN RIGHT STATION by Ian Dearden in Trad & Now Magazine

Review of WRONG TRAIN, RIGHT STATION by Phil Stafford in the Courier Mail

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Story / interview by Sam Fell in Rhythms Magazine September 2017 issue

Review of WRONG TRAIN RIGHT STATION by Kim Cheshire in Country Update magazine, August 2017

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