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Danny I can hear the train is slowing
And Curnow never went to help his wife
You were right to doubt that
scheming little bastard
I believe we’ll be fighting for our life

Stevie I can hear the troopers calling
And Ned and Joe are prepping for the fight
We will wear these heavy
sheets of plated armour
But I wonder if we’ll make it through the night

Danny drop your head there’s bullets flying
Mrs Jones has lost her little boy I fear
And Ned has disappeared into the darkness
I’m thinking that the end is very near

Stevie have I told you that I love you
Like a brother who has borne the Kelly name
And now as I see the dawn approaching
I’d rather live than have this cursed fame

Do you remember when we used to pan for gold?
Long before the coppers made us run
It seemed to be ‘twas everyone you told
“here’s to a short life, and a merry one”

Jesus Christ they think they’ve seen a monster
As Ned comes fully armoured through the haze
He’s firing like a madman at those troopers
God bless you Dan this is our final day

When Ned goes down we hear
the bastards calling
“we’ve got your man and now he’s going to hang”
Joe he steps outside and he is laughing
He cries “here’s to the bold Kelly gang”

Danny now the fire is a-blazing
I can’t breathe and there’s smoke in my lungs
Do we run or do we die together?
Put your finger on the trigger of this gun

My mother and my sisters I will miss you
I am proud to be a Kelly just the same

Stevie as we take this step together
Life was short but a truly merry game

Dear sir, how is life in sunny Queensland?
I hear you survived another war
I wish you were here in California
A merry life could be for evermore