From The Recordings Html


The sailor he stood on the gunwale
And he opened his heart to the sea
How did he end up in this place?
All he wanted was to wake and be free
The mistress she walked through the foyer
The doorman he gave her a smile
On the street the faces were laughing
Her lover had since run a mile
The sailor he came from the country
His father was brutal and weak
His mother she fled from the bruises
On the ocean he learned when to speak
The mistress she walked to the air bridge
For the first time she boarded a plane
But the landscape was all very foreign
Her lover had lied yet again
The sailor he floated in silence
He could hear the strange voices nearby
The searchlight it scanned the horizon
He guessed it was his turn to die
The mistress she sat in the café
On the Thursday she started to think
The Venetian he picked up her coffee
And gave her something stronger to drink
The wind it can change in a moment
And sometimes you board the wrong train
You get off at a brand new station
And it ends up alright just the same